Friday, November 11, 2016

IAST#170 and a surprise letter from Annette

First, I must admit something: 
This week`s theme of the IAST challenge is "simplicity",  I read it only after finishing my tile.... too late BUT: I used the very simple string...
The two beautiful tangles which I did not use before  : "Oke" by Michele Beauchamp and "Jelly Legs" by Amber Davis
I had a lot of fun with them. Thank you, Adele, and sorry, if you miss the simplicity ;-))

When I came home from my business trip tonight I found a letter from Annette (Lonetta).
She sent me two beautiful travelling tiles to finish and - what a surprise: she sent me  tiles which she drew for her own Tangle Mosaic Challenge  
So I have my own little original Mosaic in a acrylic glass frame where I mixed Annettes and my own tiles. Thank you so much, dear Annette! I am so proud of it!

Dear Annette, thank you also for decorating the letter envelope  with my tangle "My Swing". And thank you so much for adding it in "The Musterquelle" on the Elatorium website
I love "The Musterquelle" so much- Ela and Annette drew every simple pattern by their owns- and so wonderful!


  1. Liebe Simone, freut mich sehr, dass die Überraschung gelungen ist! Die vier Mosaik-Tiles in dem Acrylglasrahmen sehen toll aus!
    Dein IAST tile ist wunderschön und Jelly-legs muss ich mir gleich einmal anschauen!
    Einen schönen Sonntag für dich!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette


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