Sunday, October 16, 2016

Travelling Tangles with Margaret Bremner

Last week I received a wonderful letter from Saskatoon, Canada.
Margaret Bremner sent me two fantastic tiles to finish. I have been admiring Margarets works already for a long time and was glad to see her perfect drawing style in original.
I had huge respect to draw on the original Zentangle tile which she started with three tangles, but after the first strokes I had a lot of good moments finishing this tile:
(I could not resist to add some pink dots... ;-))

The second one was an ATC tile on hemp paper. It was very interesting challenge to complete this one.

This card Margaret sent with her letter - it has been created by herself - isn't it beautiful ?
Thank you very much, Margaret, for sharing this travelling tangles project with me!
I am going to send you some tiles for finishing soon!


  1. You finished the tiles in a beautiful way SImone!

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