Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Travelling Tangles from San Francisco and Hamburg - completed!

I am happy to post tonight two travelling tangles which I received lately and finished now.

This is such a great experience- there is a lot of respect when I start to draw on a tile which has been started by another person. At the beginning I am a bit afraid to ruin it but after some strokes it is so much fun to see how the tile is changing...

I love both results and I am so grateful that and Michele and Anya shared this experience with me:

 This tile arrived from Michele Wynne, San Francisco:

And this is my finished tile:

This tile came from Anya Ipsen, Hamburg:

And this is how I completed it:


  1. Zwei wunderschöne "travelingtiles"
    I agree with you, when you start it is a bit scaring, but afterwards you 'll get such unexpected lovely results that give a lot of satisfaction!

  2. Hallo Simone :-) Ich finde, du hast die Travelling Tangles einfach wunderbar vollendet - deine ausgesuchten Muster passen so toll zum Anfang, dass man niemals darauf kommen würde, du hättest nicht alles auf der Kachel gemalt, sondern nur einen Teil! Sind wirklich klasse geworden :-)
    Liebe Grüße, Sandra

  3. Beautiful finishes Simone! I'm so happy that we had this opportunity to share each others work. It's a very special process. I'm hoping to complete your tiles this weekend. I will post them in a few days. I'm enjoying this all so much. Thank you;-)


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