Thursday, June 30, 2016

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #119 - For Sina

When I saw this challenge on Monday I decided not to take part this week because I could not imagine how I should draw the tangle "Gnarly". I do not know it yet and I was not in the mood to give it a try.
Then I saw what you all tanglers made with Gnarly and I was motivated to give it a try...

But then something unexpected happened:
Yesterday our cat Sina died. She has been living with our family for 14 years and was a part of our family.
Lately she was very weak and refused to eat anymore.
It was very emotional for all of us and we weren`t able to hold back the tears.
Last night, after we buried her, I was at home and remembered Joeys Challenge. She wrote that the string looks like a cat`s eye.
And then I begun to draw, adapted the string a little bit, and drew one of Sinas eyes with Gnarly around which remind me of tears.

I drew that for you, Sina.
Rest in Peace.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to Sina. I'm so sorry for your loss though I'm glad you were able to channel it into a lovely piece of creativity. Your Gnarly is fantastic. (((Hugs))) dear Simone.

  2. Liebe Simone, das tut mir sehr leid für euch! Deine Kachel ist so wunderschön geworden! Da war dir Sina bestimmt ganz nah. Ich wünsche euch alles Gute! Liebe Grüße Anja

  3. Liebe Simone, mir tut es auch sehr leid für euch. Wie ich das Bild von Sina sah, konnte ich meine Tränen nicht zurückhalten, unser Kater Leo ist auch ganz schwarz und ich verstehe sehr gut, dass ihr ein Familienmitglied verloren habt. Deine Kachel ist so wunderschön geworden, ein großartiges Andenken an Sina. Liebe Grüße, Sabine

  4. What a sweet little cat! Ofcourse she should have a tribute like this! :)

  5. Beautiful tile and our pets can so inspire us. Wonderful tribute.

  6. Das tut mir wirklich leid für euch. Ich kann eure Trauer gut nachfühlen. Mit dieser Challenge hast du wirklich einen tollen Weg gefunden eure Katze in Ehren zu halten. Und Gnarly ist dir wirklich toll gelungen.

  7. I just red this post today and I understand very well your feelings. We also had and have always pets and they are full members of the family. You will never forget the beautiful moments you have spent with this gentle animal and you have given her a nice life, that is important to remember.
    I do like this special tile as a tribute to her!!!

  8. I rarely post in others blogs but I feel a real connection here. I also lost my baby girl kitty this summer. She was with us for NINETEEN (YES...19) WONDERful fun, wild and fur filled years. Lol...I was so heartbroken when we had to make the decision to let her go, and like you I found a small measure of solace with my tangling habit. Yes I said habit..I am totally addicted. I just wanted to tell you I sympathize with you in the deepest level as I too went thru the very same trauma...I LOVVEEEE that Sina was able to inspire and spark your creativity even after you parted company. I truly believe our pets have souls and maybe little Sina and my girl Alley and chilling together up in kitty heaven looking down and meowing a little inspiration and encouragement our way now and then. I can only can you...that we will reunite one day. Keep up the lovely work my dear. ~Heather (MyTangledMind)


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