Tuesday, January 8, 2019

DIVA Challenge#380 - I am a bit color addicted...

During the last days I had some more time for tangling than usual and I used it well!
According to the grey January days this is a very colorful blogpost- I just needed it a little bit.

I discovered the possibilities of my "spin art machine" (in German it is called Farbenschleuder ;-), which is a very simple toy for children (without any batteries and so), and realized what a lot of variations there are possible to spread color on the paper tiles.
I used liquid Ecoline water colours and played around with them.

What a surprise, that the DIVA challenges us this week to draw a "Spundala" which is exact made this way...

By the way:
Congratulations to Laura to eight years of running that incredible blog! I LOVE this blog and the  DIVA challenge and I have not missed many of them since 2015 (my own start of the Zentangle journey!). So I realized just now, that I have been tangling for four years now, and Lauras blog has been accompanying me all the time!!

Today I bought a Faber Castell pitt artist pen in cobalt green and this is my first tile with this pen, together with black micron and watercolor in cobalt green.

This tile was my very first real "Spundala" with watercolor and black microns:

And this tile I created with the spin art machine as well, but spreading all the color in a real crazy way. Used this as the string and filled with several tangles. It is a bit busy, isn't it?

Attached some samples of prepared tiles before tangling. I love what happened, sometimes unintended...
I am looking forward to tangle these tiles next time (or later ;-)

Here are some more examples of my "experiments" with watercolor last weekend. I created some reticula with watercolor and filled with fragments:


  1. genial! soetwas wollte ich auch schon länger probieren :) Aquarell + Zentangle :)

  2. Beautiful work! Can't wait to see some of the others that you have spun! Your fragments pieces are lovely. I am just starting my journey using these.

  3. All of them are beautiful and I love the colors!

  4. Einfach herrlich! So viele tolle und farbenfrohe Werke, liebe Simone! Das erste Zendala gefällt mir sehr ... Kobaltgrün ist ein tolle Farbe!
    Toll ist auch deine Idee mit Aquarellfarbe Reticula zu gestalten. Die Ergebnisse sind wunderbar!
    Herzliche Grüße, Annette


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