Monday, January 14, 2019

DC#381, two Fullmoonmosaics and my new tangle "Sinko"

Diva Challenge DC#381

The DIVA challenge is very interesting this week: create something with a new medium.

My new medium is black acrylic gesso.

I did it yesterday - so I assume it is appropriate to use it for this week's challenge? ;-)
I wanted to try a technique which the German CZT Jörg Richter presented during the European CZT meeting in Ireland last September:

I cut white Fabriano Tiepolo paper in 16x16cm size and masked a rectangular shape. After that I dyed the tile with black acrylic gesso. It was an interesting procedure to get a very smooth black surface. After drying I removed the masking tape and had a very interesting black/ white tile to tangle on with black micron and white gellyroll with a hint of gold gellyroll.

DIVA Challenge #381 : white tile partially dyed with black gesso
the tangle in the center is called "Sinko" - explanation see below!
Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the above tile before tangling, but I prepared a second one the same way which I have not tangled yet. I am not sure when I will have the time to finish this one.
I am going to show it here later...

Here is the example of the technique. I am sure there are much more possibilities for the creation of black/ white tiles, the problem is to find a way that the black gesso does not bleed into the white...
It needed some testing and exercise...

second tile partially dyed with black gesso, not tangled yet

Hanny Nuras Fullmoonmosaic

Hanny runs a monthly Challenge on Instagram, called "fullmoonmosaic"
Attached you find the link to the last fullmoonmosaic of 2018 

This is a Zenadala with the tangles "fullmoon" by Tomas Padros and "Sistar" by Hanny Nura:

Here is the link to the first fullmoonmosaic of 2019:
The string is the YinYang symbol on a Zendala tile. The task is to create a Duotangle with "African Artist" by Tina Hunziker and another tangle of our choice.
I added MySwing as second tangle.

SINKO - my new tangle...

By the way, I would like to introduce to you my new tangle which I have already a while in my mind.

Once I saw a pattern on a wallpaper and fell in love immediately... I needed some approaches to deconstruct it, but finally found an easy stepout. The shape reminds me to a Gingko leaf so I called it Sinko...

I realized, that this tangle has similarities with some other tangles like "Abeko" by Lynn Mead (she wrote me that she likes this cousin of Abeko ;-), as well as "Fanclub" (by Sonya Yencer) and "Zeihryt" (Annette Plaga-Lodde) "Palmetta" (Sydney Kalpinos) ....

Nevertheless I think Sinko has enough own details to give it a try as a sister of the others....

Look at the Stepout and have fun, if you like it!
(Another version of Sinko in the DIVA Challenge tile above, in the center.)


  1. Love the black gesso idea. I haven't tried that yet and yours is so beautiful. The full moons are lovely too and thanks for a new tangle to try.

  2. That Diva tile is beautiful. And so are the others.

  3. Wow, so much beauty in one post! I love the black and white tiles you created with the black gesso! That is something totally new to me. The full moon tiles are awesome and so is your new tangle!

  4. Your Diva Challenge tile is really beautiful! I love the technique you used. I also love your new tangle, Sinko.


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