Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DC#300 ! "Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day"

Happy Anniversary, dear Laura!!
Your blog with the weekly challenge and your reports about the life with your family , your beautiful boys... is so inspiring and encouraging for me and all of your blog readers! Thank you for that, thank you for your work and sharing your art with us.
I am looking forward to find your blogpost every monday and try not to miss any challenge. My first one was #209 and I counted my contributions up to today: It were 87. So is it possible? I missed only four (5) challenges during almost two years!
You can be very proud of it, and I am, too! 

Thank you as well for your efforts to raise the awareness for the Moebius Syndrom. I read about it one year ago on your blog and I have created another contibution yesterday. 
I drew two 3z tiles and found two different combinations of them which I like both.

I am so sorry that my English is not sufficient enough to express all my feelings, but I hope you will understand what I like to say. (write;-)
I wish you all the best, health and happiness for your family, especially Artoo who is such a brave and sweet boy! 
Love, Simone 


  1. Simone, these are beautiful as is your sentiment!

  2. Your English is quite good and I know your sweet comments are understood. Very pretty 3Z tiles!

  3. Beautiful work Simone and what a lovely sentiment. I wish I could be so eloquent;-)

  4. Lovely tiles! I really like flux on the one and how you colored and shaded florz on the other! Nice!

  5. Sehr schöne 3Z Kacheln mit hüpsche Farben.

  6. These are just great, I really enjoy seeing them arranged in various orientations. They compliment each other beautifully.

  7. You've expressed a lot of the feelings we all share. I love your 3Z Tiles, and how you've switched up which parts you coloured purple! Terrific composition in both tiles!

  8. Einfach wunderschön und eine fabelhafte Idee, diese Challenge mit 3Z-Tiles umzusetzen! Du beschreibst hier genau das, warum auch ich die DIVA-Challenge so schätze, liebe Simone!
    Sei ganz herzlich gegrüßt, Annette

  9. Deine 3Z-Tiles sind wunderschön geworden, liebe Simone. Du beschreibst sehr gut, was die Diva-Challenge Woche für Woche ausmacht und warum auch ich so gerne daran teilnehme.
    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne neue Woche.
    Liebe Grüße, Sabine


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