Wednesday, March 22, 2017

DC#308 "Mac`N Cheese" Tangles : Zentangle- Hausmannskost, TMP#7

Last week Zentangle HQ posted a newsletter where they reminded us to the Zentangle "basics" as every day dozens of new tangles are published, many of them very complex and high level. I agree, sometimes it is really stressful to follow all the news and all to try all the new tangles.

When I read it, I felt to be addressed a little bit... In my Zentangle calendar I tried to draw every day a tangle which is new to me, but I realized, that this is not really relaxing sometimes. Furthermore I realized, that blogging, posting on Facebook in several groups, on Instagram, the MosaicApp... takes a lot of additional time which is not part of the Zentangle idea.
I realized, thatis needed to focus in order to keep the mindfulness of the Zentangle method.

Rick and Maria remind us to the slogan "one stroke at a time" without concern for the result. No competition!
Yes, we  forget it sometimes. Thank you for this admonition!!

So, the DIVA has a very good flair this week to pick up this theme and to challenge us to draw a tile which goes back to the basics. To use well known tangles which are perfect for every opportunity.
Use "mac&cheese tangles".
I chose "Tripoli" , one of my favourites, since I have understood how it works..

Another "mac&cheese tangle" is Crescent Moon. In their latest Kitchen Table Video Rick and Maria show a cool tangelation with Crescent Moon. I tried it in my calendar and added another two on that page: It was EASY, RELAXING and FUN!!! (And the result is nice...)

I will do both in the future: Some more "mac&cheese", but when I see a new tangle which I love at once, I will draw it... ;-), without any stress.

The Tangle Mosaic Project #7 by Annette (Lonetta) is ongoing, it lasts until March, 31st.
If you are interested to participate, here is the link to this great project.
And this is my contribution, I am looking forward to see the final results!


  1. First: Your Tripoli is amazing! And your calendarpage with Crescent Moon!
    Second: I agree with you about the pressure that very often appear as I really am curious and willing to learn new tangles! I must tell myself to slow down and make one stroke at a time!

  2. Wonderful work Simone, everything I see from you and now especially that Tripoli one, that is so beautiful and special, I love it.
    Me too, agree with you about the pressure, that is why I don't wanna be on social media, I'm spending already a lot of time in front of my computer...

  3. And a wonderful Tripoli it is. Awesome.

  4. Very nice Tripoli and the Crescent Moon is super with that layering technique!

  5. Your tiles are beautiful. I love your Tripoli - wonderful!

  6. Such beautiful, flowing tiles and your contribution for the Mosaik Projekt looks so elegant!

  7. I totally agree with you. I sometimes think that I live in a Zentangle bubble, since I decided to allow myself "less". Of course, I love seeing everyone's work and the new things, but don't feel like I have to try everything I see. So cool how you "auraed" the whole composition. It gives Tripoli a totally different look!

  8. Wunderschöne Arbeiten, liebe Simone! Beide Kacheln gefallen mir sehr und die Kalendergeschichte finde ich ganz toll! Vielleicht probiere ich das nächstes Jahr auch mal. Schönen Wochenausklang und viele liebe Grüße, Anja


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