Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

The 12 days of 3Z`s by Zentangle (part one)

I know... I am a bit late..

Zentangle has started a series of 12 days of 3Z tiles with especially selected tangles.
I love the idea and I would like to take part.

I think it does not matter that we actually have day seven today?
I drew days one to four today and hopefully come back to the "right" schedule on sunday...

On the first day of Zs we drew only the tangle Tripoli :

Second day we add the Diva Dance:

On the third day Shattuck was the tangle of the day:

And the fourth tangle of the beautiful choice is Marasu:

This are two mosaic of the four tiles :


  1. These are gorgeous Sabine! I'm following along as well. I love your Tripoli day 1.

  2. All beautiful tiles, you are so good at Tripoli! I start to get lost, yours are so well done, especially your first tile. :)

  3. Wunderschöne 3Z Tiles hast du da getanglet. Ich warte noch auf meine. Deine Tripoli-Version gefällt mir besonders gut.
    Liebe Grüße Tina

  4. Your Tripoli are sooooo beautiful, and I love the line work to create depth. These look like they were carved or engraved!

  5. Deine 3Z Tiles sind einfach wunderschön geworden! Kannst du mir verraten, wo man die Kacheln in Deutschland bekommt oder bestellen kann? Oder hast du sie zugeschnitten? Danke schon einmal für die Info :-) Liebe Grüße, Sandra


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