Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2016

12 days of 3zs , days 10 and 11 , IAST #175- drawings

Day ten of the 12 days of 3zs project introduced a new original Zentangle tangle "Drawings". It has been published during the ZenAgain Meeting some weeks ago.
Also Adele Bruno chose the tangle "drawings" for her new IAST challenge #175.

As these weeks are very busy and the 12days challenge takes a lot of time I decided to combine both challenges . I drew a twin tile  of 3Zs :

#10thdayof3Zs : Drawings, Auraknot, PokeLeaf, Molygon, Knightsbridge, Marasu, Tipple, Shattuck, DivaDance, Tripoli // #IAST175

#11thdayof3Zs: Icanthis, Marasu, Shattuck, Knightsbridge, Tipple

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  1. Hi! Really well made handmade mosaic out there. What technique and colors are you using? Looks nice!
    Really astounding and magnetising


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