Samstag, 15. Juni 2019

Opus with Labyrinth and other Zentangle Classes

Labyrinth on Opus

In May, I run a Zentangle class where we created Opus tiles with Labyrinths based on the idea of Dorian Eng, CZT.

I had a lot of fun during the preparation of this class, prepared several opus tiles in several styles and decided for a Renaissance tile, tangling with a blue Micron and shading with blue colored pencil.
The edges of the Labyrinth we drew with Gelly Roll pens in copper.
Outside the Labyrinth we embellished with white charcoal pens.

We did it as a workshop of 6hours.
I prepared the labyrinth in pencil already at home for all students, so we did not need much time for construction.

Nevertheless, we needed all the time and most of us did not finish the outside embellishments. So we had a bit homework to do ;-)

Attached I show you my own tile, finished, and the amazing results of my class.

And Ria, do you see how beautiful your Javik fits into the shapes? My students LOVED it!!

I am very grateful for this beautiful inspiration - thank you for that, Dorian Eng!!

my very first Labyrinth with black on white Opus tile and belly in gold for the edges

check of some tangles on a classic renaissance tile (9x9cm)

Zentangle classes this weekend

Today, I run my last class before the summer break.
After a very inspiring basic class last night (with 30°C outside ...) we had a advanced class today with the subject "Tangle enhancers".

Despite of 32°C outside, we had a very creative and concentrated class.
Thanks to all my students - you are amazing!

These were our today's tiles:
my class preparation

the class work today ;-) look at the dew drops!! Despite the heat!

Rumpus and nothing else 

Tomas Padros makes me crazy ;-)))

Tomas Padros, Zentangle artist from Barcelona, Spain,published such a lot of stunningly beautiful tangles that I am not able to draw them all- but they are so interesting that I almost feel a little bad, that I missed some of them ...

This is the tangle "Allstars" in the center of the hexagon tile.
The hexagon shaped tile are an amazing idea of Marguerite Samama.
You can by sets of 20 together with a very nice explanation and tutorial with lots of lovely ideas ton Marguerite's Etsy- shop  ("Happytangling")

Here are my first tries on "Tissoooh" which is so full of surprise!

Hanny Nuras #fullmoonmosaic of June

These are my two versions of the tile with Hanny's string and the tangle Appease .
In the center are variations of my tangle SiKito which was published on some weeks ago.

Sonntag, 12. Mai 2019

Sikito again and again... ,Tangle Deck 3 and Fullmoonmosaic

One week ago, my tangle Sikito has been published at (see my latest post).
Only a few days later I found that Adele Bruno chose "Sikito" together with "Edie" by Laurel Davies as tangles for her "It's a String Thing" challenge "IAST#290". WOW!!
This is my contribution:
I hardly can wait for all the others....

Last week I decided to try as much several tiles with Sikito as I have ideas.
I made five tiles. Enough for his week, enough Sikito for the next days ;-)
But I am happy about the variety of Sikito and I had a lot of fun with it.

Sikito "half fragment" as border - combined with Saatin
Sikito on Zendala. The swirls are made with watercolor on a spinner. What a cool string...
Sikito Spring style ;-)
Sikito as fragment in a rectangular grid 
Sikito embedded in MySwing. With Pixioze (M. Bremner
Hanny Nura's Fullmoonmosaic
This afternoon I drew the tile for Hanny Nuras "Fullmoonmosaic" . She chose the tangles "Saatin" (Nadine Roller) and Joki (Kim Aarts).
Both tangles are so lovely. I added a Zengem in the center.

Lynn Mead's Tangle Deck3 - CZT Edition

This week I received my Tangle Deck 3 - CZT Edition, from Lynn Mead, CZT.
She created a deck of 48 cards with tangles by CZT artists from all over the world.
I am proud that Lynn chose my tangle "MySwing" as one of the 48cards!
I was so excited to be part of this project and I am happy to have the result in my hands now:
If you are interested, here is the link to Lynns website.

I wish you a very good start into the new week. Good night!

Dienstag, 7. Mai 2019

Zendala Moments #4

During the last weeks I was too busy to tangle as much as I do usually.
I had beautiful holidays instead (see my previous blog post) and prepared my next Zentangle class.

The more I loved to tangle this Zendala for Annettes "Zendala Moments #4". What a lovely string!

Have you seen, that my tangle SiKito which I showed you on my previous post, has been published on Linda Farmers "" last Friday?
I feel so honored, that my tangle has been implemented into this huge database of tangles which have been created by artists from all over the world!
It is my third tangle on this website!

Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2019

New tangle “Sikito“, holiday impressions from France, IAST#288

I am back at home from our trip to the amazing Bretagne in France.
We had an amazing time and I am going to share with you some of the highlights. 
But first of all, I am proud to present my newest tangle, which I completed some weeks ago.The story behind this tangle is quite simple:A couple of weeks ago I bought some dishes and a kitchen towel from my favorite designer “Greengate”. I have dishes and table cloths with several different designs which I use in my daily routine and absolutely adore. 

One of these designs inspired me to recreate it. I gave it the name “Sikito” which is the abbreviation of SImone’s KItchen TOwel đŸ˜„.


This is the step out of SiKiTo:
I realised that this tangle has lots of variation possibilities. It can even be used as a fragment.

I hope you enjoy recreating Sikito and will like the results. I'm looking forward to seeing your versions of Sikito. 

And now, as I promised, here is the account of my holiday:
The journey from Dresden to the Bretagne takes about 1600km, this is quite some distance to drive by car. 
We spread the journey into three parts and first visited the city of Troyes in the Champagne three several chateaus of the Loire.
What a beauty!!

window of the Cathedral in Troyes - like a Zendala ;-)

Chateau Chamboard

Chateau Amboise

Chateau Chenonceaux

We spent eight days in the Finistère in a cottage with an amazing sea view.
We were walking along the cliffs, cycling, sightseeing and : enjoying the Bretonish kitchen;-)

Moules frites 

One of the highlights was a visit of an Oyster farm at the river Belon where we tried several types and sizes of Oysters. I had never imagined how delicious oysters could be. 

Also a highlight was the visit of the lighthouse “Phare d EckmĂźhl “.
We climbed the 300 steps and had a stunning view - outside and inside:

The visits of the cliffs of Pointe du Raz, Pointe du Van were breathtaking, especially because of  those forces of nature: the broad reach and the massive waves.

I spent some time with tangling of course (even if the weather and the nature were too amazing to spend long time inside...)
This was a stone I found on the terrace table of our house (I left it there, but tangled;-)

And this is my tile for Adele Bruno's IAST#288 which run during the Easter holidays. My tangle Tulipa was one tangle in the challenge ;-)

On the way home we visited the world famous castle and gardens of the French King Ludwig XIV in Versailles near Paris. What a lovely day!

the hall of mirrors

Versailles at sunset