Montag, 26. Dezember 2016

Joeys weekly challenge #145 and some other Christmas tangling

After a few days of celebrating Christmas with my family, having lots of cookies, chocolate , traditional German potato salad (perfectly made by my Mum) with sausages and roastbeef and several other delicious dishes I am looking forward to some more holidays for me and my husband to recreate from the year 2016 which is going to be finished this week.
This morning we reflected 2016 as a good year for us, with interesting events, wonderful holiday journeys and lots of good experiences.
One highlight of this year was my journey to the USA where I joined the 23rd CZT seminar in Providence.
All in all 2016 was very busy for me and sometimes a bit too much as my job is stressful sometimes.
Zentangle helped me to cope with that stress and gave me a new direction in my personal life.

After a whole week without tangling I made three tiles today, one "just for fun", one with the new tangle by Austrian Peter Fruehwirt (CZT) "Pezember" and last but not least I completed Joeys weekly tangle challenge #145.
Joey started with a lovely border tangle "Barber Pole". I completed it with Verdigogh:

Thank you very much Joey, for your efforts with your wonderful challenge which enjoyes many tanglers every week!

Joeys tangle challenge #145 : Barber Pole and Verdigogh

"Pezember" by Petre Frühwirt CZT and Icanthis (Original Zentangle)

Shattuck, Brella, Tipple, Zinger


  1. Simone, love the Barbar pole, Verdighoh works so well with it!! Great tile! Your Pezember tile is amazing: I can't even draw W2,much less this beautiful variation. And of course, your "just for fun" tile is fun and joyful. It's obvious that you had such a good time! Happy New Year!


  2. These are a lovely set of tiles. My favourite is the last one with the interesting twist in Shattuck at the bottom.

  3. All of your pieces are so lovely! I'm especially admiring your "Pezember" tile. I love that pattern, but it's very high focus so I haven't had the time to dedicate to it. I'm inspired! Wishing you a wonderful New Year Simone;-)


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