Friday, February 3, 2017

New tangle "SIRI" inspired by Ria Mattheussen, tangle calendar

In January, I started to use Carol Ohl`s Zentangle calendar and challenged me to draw each day a tangle which is new to me / which I never used yet.
I already reported about this project in previous blogpots.
Among others, I use Linda Farmers website ""  to explore the brand new tangles and most of them I draw immediately.

During the last month I especially like  Spoolies, Puffy 8s, Soluna, Knightspeek, Wibble ... I have them all in my calendar.

The day before yesterday I found the new tangle by Belgian CZT Ria Mattheussen, ZIMBA.
I drew it the same evening  and fell in love with it and with the pattern which inspired Ria for her tangle.

So I played a bit around and tried some variations. At the end I found , that in my opinion I developed a new tangle!! I did not even think about it…

I contacted Ria by E-Mail and showed her my idea. I told her that I would like to name the tangle „SIRI“. This are the first letters of  our names Simone and Ria. 
Ria was excited as well and gave me the courage to draw a stepout of „SIRI“ and to publish it.

Here it is:

And here is the lat page of three days in my calendar , with the first try of Zimba and SIRI, competed today with Gottago by Lianne Woods.


  1. Congratulations Simone, Siri is a beautiful new tangle, I love it and I thank you for giving the pattern a wonderful name!

  2. Great tangle, Simone. I love that you used Ria's name and yours to name the new tangle.

  3. What a great story leading up to your new tangle! I too love Ria's Zimba and am looking forward to drawing Siri this evening. I also use Carole Ohl's calendar, as you do, for trying out tangles I haven't drawn before. I love it! And I am so delighted with how our growing Zentangle community shares and reaches out to other tanglers All OVER THE WORLD!!! <3

  4. Wonderful job! What striking differences and similarities! Beautiful!

  5. I'll be adding Siri to my Ohl's calendar as well.

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