Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018

Zenbutton and Lonettas TMP#13

I ever wanted to draw a Zenbutton - at least I did it!
I tangeled this tile at the beach of the Baltic Sea - can you see the fine white sand ?

n my last post I wrote about my short trip to the Island of Rügen.
I can not resist to show you two more pictures as I love them so much:

In May Annette (Lonetta) published her newest Tangle Mosaic Project.
Again, she prepared a beautiful string, and here is my tile as contribution to this project:

This is a Mosaic Annette created using my tile (in the black/ white version)

The complete Mosaic of all contributions you can see here. Please take the time and have a look at it - it is sooo beautiful!

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