Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017

DIVA Challenge#324: Tangeled Heart and a new Zendala tile

This and the next weeks the DIVA spends her holidays.
But no holidays for the DIVA Challenge!! She ordered some guest bloggers withe their beautiful ideas to continue the weekly challenge until the DIVA will be back on her blog.
What a nice idea.

This week Jessica Davies came along with hearts.... (Outside of Valentines season!!)
We should use a heart shape as a string.
And she told us that she loves pink. Oh wow... I love pink as well! Who is following my blog regularly, knows that!
I decided for a simple heart shape and divided it into black/white at the middle line of MySwing.
In the background I drew Emingle.

Finally, the result looks like Yin/Yang. Love is sometimes black and white (more white, of course) and sometimes simply pink!

My second tile on this blogpost is a Zendala tile whih I drew without any intention, without challenge, no calendar, no duty...
I have not drawn on a Renaissance tile for a while and had a nice evenng with it: I used an Original Zendala tile, prestrung, and tangeled Paradox, Crescent moon and Tint.


  1. I love that heart tile and LOVE the zendala!!!

  2. From one fellow pink lover to another -- these are fantastic! The night and day quality of your heart is truly original and the zendala is particularly stunning. Wow. Thanks so much for posting and participating in #tangledheart and #DC324!

  3. Those are both beauties Simone! I love the black-out technique you've done 😉

  4. Your tangled heart is so lovely! And your Zendala is amazing! Well done!

  5. With so much going on in our lives, isn't it nice to create a tangle just to do so? Glad you gave yourself that gift of time. Both of your tiles are beautifully done!

  6. Love the texture you achieved in both compositions. The pink complements the heart theme, but I really admire the Renaissance colors used on your Zendala.

  7. It is wonderful to see your Siri in the leading role on the rope-string-tile.
    Here on the Diva's side, you have also created two little masterpieces: I love that black/white My swing with that tiny piece outside the heart and your Zendala gives a beautiful 3D look with a lovely Rick's Paradox star inthe front.

  8. I wished I could draw on black like you. It is exceptionally beautiful. But your colored one stands in nothing behind. Both delicately drawn!


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