Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017

DC#325- "Pea-nuckle" and some more tangles

DIVA Challenge #325 has been created by guest blogger Jessica Davies again.

This week she asked us to draw the tangle "Pea-nuckle" from Molly Hollibaugh.
This was a real challenge for me!
Jessica described in her post how she drew this tangle for the first time and how she needed some tries to like it and to love it.
I must admit, that I feel similarly after my first try- not as much satisfied ;-) , but I am still motivated to give Pea- nuckle a new chance .

We have a German Facebook- group of tanglers where we run also a weekly "challenge", which is named something like "weekly playing around with tangles".
This week`s theme is to use the own signature as a string.
I combined this one with DC#235 and drew my SM signature with a bit of Pea- nuckle:

This tile I started some month ago. I prepared it for DC#312 . I used some English Breakfast Tea to create my string. Yesterday I found this tile in my diary and finished it.


  1. I like the Diva tile and LOVE the last one :-)

  2. 2 very different styled tiles, but love them both.

  3. Your tile for the Diva is Gorgeous! I Love it!😍

  4. Lovely pieces, and I especially like the white Peanuckle!

  5. I really like the way you used your initials for the string for the Pea-Nuckle tile and gave it subtle depth with shading. Welcome to the "not love at first sight" Pea-Nuckle club. Having looked through quite a few of the posts for this week's Diva challenge, I see that I wasn't the only person whining about it. We have a saying in English, "Misery loves company." ;-)

  6. Ganz tolle Kompostion ist ihre originale Divatile aber meine Favorite Kachel ist diese Woche der zweite: umheimlich schön ist die zÀrtliche Farbe mit das Schwarz/Weiss und ich liebe die Kombination!

  7. These are both gorgeous Simone! I especially love the first one and how you did the Peanuckle area merging the black and white.


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