Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

IAST#165 - with my best wishes to Florida

In Adele Bruno`s "It`s a String Thing" Challenge (here) this week we use the new tangle of Hanny Waldburger "PiB" (Pearl in Balance) together with "Flux" and "Verve"
I love all of these tangles , and the string is very challenging for me.

"PiB" is very new and a beautiful tangle. The stepout can be found here. We used it this tangle this week in a German Facebook Group "Tanglespielerei" and created monotangles with PiB with many beautiful results. Here is a link to my first tile with PiB.

Just now, when I write this blogpost, the people in Florida are preparing for a severe hurricane. In Europe, where I live, this is not as present, but I read it in Adeles Blogpost today.

Adele, my thoughts are with you and your family, friends and all the people which are affected by the hurricane. Stay safe!

This is my contibution to IAST #165:

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  1. This is a real WOW tile Simone, beautiful drawn tangles, nice contrasts and shadows, a splendid touch of blue and a wonderful composition, I love it!!!


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