Friday, August 26, 2016

IAST #159 and a lovely ZIA stone

The last three weeks after my summer holidays I have been very busy and so I did not have many time for tangling. I am very glad that it is friday afternoon and I am awaiting a (hopefully) relaxing weekend with some time to realize some of my ideas and to draw some tiles.
For more than one week I have not drawn anything and so I was very motivated and begun my weekend with Adele Brunos IAST challenge.
Adeles string is fantastic as well as the tangles she chose : Printemps (original Zentangle), Partay (Margaret Bremner) and Palrevo (Karry Heun)

Some weeks ago I tangeled on a grey stone which I found at the Welsh coast where I  have been some years ago.
The stone has some plain white  texture which appears like a natural string. I love the result. I took the stone to my office and put it on my desk in front of my computer - so I have a reminder to beautiful holidays and to my beloved hobby when I look at it: 


  1. That tile is spectacular, love the black, white and gold. And what a nice reminder stone :-)

  2. Very nice work for Adele Bruno and what a wonderful stone, it seems to me very difficult to draw on!


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