Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

An Opus tile in blue

Today I  finished  an Opus tile (27x27cm) which I started some weeks ago with Brusho watercolours in one corner of the tile.

After some days of respect (I did not have any idea how to start...) I decided to continue the blue colour on the whole tile and begun with my tangle MySwing (in the center).
Then I added some orbs and connected them like Cadent. I have been inspired to do so by Maria Thomas` tiles on the Zentangle Mosaic App.
I filled some of the "Cadents" in Fassett style (left and right) and added lots of swirly lines. I do not know how this patterns are called, but I like them, anyway..

Second stage: MySwing and "CrazyCadent" (I don`t know another name)

first stage: Brusho Watercolour powder (Ultramarin) in one corner of the Opus tile


  1. Ein wahrer Schatz in Blau!! Das sieht so lebendig aus ... toll! Ich würde es rahmen und aufhängen!
    Es wird Zeit, dass ich die Bruschos ausprobiere.
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  2. Simone Simone, this is really amazing, I'm totally in love with this tile, just beautiful every stroke, every touch of colour, everything!!!

  3. This is a masterpiece, Simone!!! I love the colors, the contrast between the delicate splatters of Brusho and the gorgeous line work. And I love the way that we both were moving in the same direction at the same time!!


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